Birmingham Urgent Care Delivers Great Service


Some of us still remember the way doctors visited sick patients while toting black medical bags back in the day.  In the good old days, calling for medical assistance was so convenient for the patient.  What took its place were hospitals and doctors’ offices, many of whom only accept patients with prior appointments.  The only exception was the emergency room which was mandated by law to accept all patients requiring emergency care, regardless even if they have the capacity to pay or not.  Then in the late 1970’s the concept of urgent medical care took root.  Soon the beginnings of professional Birmingham urgent care were formed.

There was slow growth at the beginning, but urgent care centers in Birmingham are thriving.  Though the days of doctor home visits will not likely return, the convenience of just being able to walk-in and receive immediate treatment has made urgent care centers more popular.  People have started to accept that good medical service do not necessarily only reside in big medical centers and hospitals. This goes also with food supplements made available not only in medical stores but also in natural health food stores in Toronto.

Positive comments about urgent care centers contain raves about the short average waiting time – currently estimated at just 15 minutes.  In many hospitals, that is not even enough time to get the form filled, let alone see a medical professional.

Other advantages include the range of service, which is more than most small private practice clinics offer.  This conveniently places urgent care facilities as a destination of choice for those seeking medical attention that does not qualify as medical emergencies.  Most urgent care centers also have in-house basic laboratory and x-ray services which small clinics will not have.

The feature that attracts the most patients is the affordable price of diagnosis and treatments.  Not being burdened by a huge building and an army of staff that typical hospitals have, urgent care centers can price their services competitively.  The quality of the service they provide remains high because staff includes licensed physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.  The only service they cannot provide is continuing treatment of chronic illnesses, which are referred to medical specialists.

Fast service and affordable prices make Birmingham urgent care the best option for people requiring immediate outpatient medical care.