Dentist In Scarborough On Dental Fillings

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When visits to the dentist are discussed the thing that turns most people off are those procedures which involve drilling.  Procedures such as root canal treatments and cavity fillings are viewed with more than the usual apprehension.  The basis for the fear nowadays have more to do with people’s per-conceived notion of pain rather than real pain – modern equipment and procedures have all but eliminated pain.  You would think that this dread of dental procedures will be enough to make people take better care of their teeth.  Your dentist in Scarborough will tell you there are still a lot of people who neglect their teeth.  A relatively new source of serious tooth decay is drug addiction.   If you feel that you are one of those who have not taken care of your teeth, its best to find a good family dentist like One Centre,  who can take care of your ongoing needs for the entire family. It is also best to have a family physician which you can find at Birmingham urgent care, who will take care of your family’s overall health.


Sooner or later, improper oral care will lead to cavities that need to be filled, or so bad the teeth need to be pulled out.  The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association members will gladly help clean your teeth to prevent decay. The best dentist in Scarborough advises that in teeth that can still be saved, filling remains the most desirable option.  There are many types of filling materials to choose from:  porcelain, tooth-colored plastic, glass materials called composite resin and gold.  There used to be sixth material called silver amalgam which was a mixture of mercury, silver, tin, zinc and copper.  It was very durable but is no longer used because mercury is highly toxic.


The Scarborough dentist will drill out the decayed portions of the tooth to be filled-in.  Most dental drills now incorporate technology that continuously sprays water over the drill area to keep heat (and pain) down.  Then he will clean the cavity of any dirt or bacteria, usually applying an antiseptic then drying the cavity with compressed air.  If the cavity is so deep its edges are near the root of the teeth, the Scarborough family dentist will apply a sealant compound to protect the root.  Only then will the filling materials be applied.

The trend now is to use filling with the same color shade as the tooth – materials such as porcelain, plastic, glass and composite are preferred.  In some areas, like in Russia for example, gold fillings are very popular, probably because of its association with status and its durability.

Tooth filing may no longer be a painful experience, but if you practice good oral hygiene, you may not need one.